Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Did Vroom Accomplish?

     Besides just being the first to open such a hospital in the village, Vroom excelled at his field. He was not just any doctor. He was named "New Jersey's Outstanding Family Doctor" in 1949.  He was very progressive. He pioneered the use of insulin to treat conditions such as diabetes in Bergen County. He was also  one of the first doctors to use different drugs, such as those used to treat diphtheria and anti-toxins. Another condition he helped treat was Malaria.
    Vroom was a very resourceful, determined man. He always worked to help everyone even if that meant coming up with new, innovative treatments or procedures. He did not have a lot of resources, such as fancy tools or equipment. He had to perform surgeries on kitchen tables! Despite these challenges, he proved himself to be worthy of having such an important historical landmark named after himself.
This is another look at some of the artifacts from Vroom's office.
These are some of Dr. Vroom's tools. As you can see, they were not very advanced, but he got the job done!

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